Beautification Grants

As an act of goodwill to a neighbor in need, or a public space in need, Springfield residents can apply for a one-time beautification grant of $100.

Applications (sending an email to with the following information) should include the following:

1. Name, address, email, and phone number of resident applying for the grant
2. Name and address of neighbor or public area in need
3. Short explanation of why you selected this neighbor/area to help
4. Scope of the project – what you plan on doing
5. Current photo (s) of “area” to beautify
6. Inspiration photo(s) to guide your vision
7. Approximate cost of project

Use of reclaimed and recycled materials encouraged.
Shopping at local businesses encouraged.
Any work that requires a COA or particular permissions are the responsibility of the resident applying for the grant

Paint a door and clean up a porch! Beautify the roundabouts!  Paint a front fence!  Add landscaping to a public area!

Emails will be accepted through February 28, 2017 until 11:59 p.m.
Notification of grant recipients will occur on or before March 15, 2017
Grant recipients should complete work prior to June 30, 2017
Receipts for materials dated between notification and June 30, 2017 are submitted to for reimbursement along with final photos of before, during and after the project, both receipts and photos required for reimbursement.

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