Make it Happen

July 2010
Miss Maggie
400 Block of E. 2nd Street

Our first preservation project took place on the hottest (of course) day in July during the summer of 2010. It was decided after an open community meeting to go out there and “make it happen” for a house. And 50+ volunteers did. Miss Maggie’s home was transformed from sad to happy over the course of one weekend where volunteers scraped, painted, repaired damaged wood, and landscaped. It was a 100% volunteer project (labor and materials.) It is important to stress that Miss Maggie’s home had code violations with the City of Jacksonville, these violations were re-mediated through the Make it Happen Project and her home given a clean “bill of health.” This has been Miss Maggie’s home since the early 1960s.  Click here for photos of the event

November 2010
Kenneth Anglin
400 Block of E. 9th Street

Nominated by his neighbors Mark and Amanda Searle, Kenneth needed some extra attention to get much needed repairs done to his home his was unable to accomplish on his own. A less ambitious project, Kenneth’s home received substantial wood repairs, fresh trim paint, and landscaping by over 30 volunteers. Kenneth has resided in this home for more than 30 years. Like Miss Maggie’s home, Kenneth’s also had code violations. These violations were re-mediated through the Make it Happen Project as well.

July 2011
Oscar and Oscar Jr. Collins
400 Block of E. 3rd Street

Nominated by his neighbors John and Monica Ford, Oscar has lived in Springfield (in this home) for more than 30 years. Although in his 70s, Oscar often helps his neighbors with yard work and clean-up, just simply to help. Oscar’s neighbors on his block donated generously to help “make it happen” for Oscar. More than 75 people came out to help give Oscar’s home some much needed attention. New porch rails were built, exterior paint, wood repair, wood screens for the front, extensive landscaping, and other minor repairs brought Oscar’s home to new life. Although Oscar’s home did not have an active case file with the City of Jacksonville, it was believed strongly that he would and the neighborhood effort was to prevent this from occurring.

July 2012
Miss Mattie
1900 Block of Walnut Street

Nominated by her neighbor across the street, Miss Mattie has long since wanted to have her home look pretty (as she described it) as other homes in the neighborhood did. Although she did not have an active case file with the City, we felt we could take on a small project for our neighbor. Joining forces with The Well of Springfield (we were terribly busy with multiple house donations an mothballing projects,) Miss Mattie received a fresh coat of paint and landscaping. Again, 100% volunteer labor and materials, over 50 people came to help “make it happen” at Miss Mattie’s. Miss Mattie has lived in her home for over 30 years.

July 2013
Preservation SOS et. al
Dancy Terrace Bungalow Court (24)

Preservation SOS owns eight of the bungalows and opted this summer to “help ourselves” so to speak. Approximately fifty volunteers mowed and cut-back overgrowth through the entire court including the alleys and CROWS. The interiors of our eight bungalows were cleaned out of trash and debris. Additionally, volunteers painted the window boards black and added a colorful trim with sashes for all of our windows. PSOS continues to maintain the entire courts grounds monthly and make owner contact to incite restoration or donation for the remaining bungalows.

May 2014

Mr. Foster

Market Street

Mr. Foster, at 1521 Market Street, was being threatened by the cities blight initiative. The 80+ year old Korean war veteran was recently cited for “peeling paint” but can’t afford to have his house painted, leaving him facing $250/day !! fines or selling the house in a firesale and leaving a community that supports him.  Preservation SOS decided to make Mr. Foster the recipient of our annual “Make it Happen”. This project is a bit larger then what we usually take on, so we expect it to take more then one weekend.  Thanks to our always generous and loving Springfield neighbors, we had about 100 volunteers turn out to help us over several weekends. Local contractors donated labor and material, which was in particular necessary to cover the high and hard to reach spots. We pressure washed, primed and painted the entire outside of this marvelous 2 story house. In addition, we were able to make numerous repairs to siding, soffits and other parts of the house. An amazing amount of work was accomplished by this great group of volunteers.

Neighbors Help Local Veteran

June 2015

Klutho Park Neighborhood Beautification

Taking a different route this particular summer, we opted to do a neighborhood project and green-up the park prior to the annual throw-back July 4th baseball game.