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Preservation Matters

Neighborhood Revitalization: Demolition vs. Rehabilitation. Presentation prepared by Kay Ehas, Riverside-Avondale Preservation (RAP)

Demolition Impact by Kay Ehas, RAP

Local Jacksonville Media and Non-Profit Friends features articles focusing on downtown development. Its forum includes a special section about Springfield

Metro Jacksonville

Resource to access historic information about individual houses in Springfield

Springfield Heritage Center

Guidelines for owner transfer of a PSOS historic home

Preservation SOS: Details

PSOS Rubric


PSOS Bylaws

Our Bylaws

Hold Harmless Agreement used for volunteering for PSOS projects

Hold Harmless Agreement

Preservation: Down and Dirty

Mothballing 101 Brochure

Mothballing 101

Preserve and Restore Report to the City of Jacksonville

Preserve and Restore